Interview With Maisie Williams

This interview with Maisie Williams was taken by few years ago. Unfortunatelly, they are not existing any more, but thanks God I saved this one offline. So, without further ado, here it is. Do you know what’s in store for Arya in the later books? She grows up to be pretty bad ass, you know. Are you excited about filming those scenes?

Maisie Williams: Yeah, I know pretty much what happens to Arya, and if we do get a chance to go that far, I’m really excited about how they’ll do those sorts of things. But, um, no, I think it’ll be a great experience and it’s such a cool part to have. Arya gets to carry a whole storyline from Season 2 all alone. How are you feeling about that? Have you had any worries about getting cut off from the main characters?

Maisie Williams: I think it’s gonna be very different, filming this season, because last time I was with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, and I was really close to her, and this season Arya’s all on her own, really, so it’s gonna be a lot different, but I think it’s gonna be a good experience as well, because I’ve had that chance to be with everyone I know, and as Arya’s story takes turns I think my… the filming story for me will change as well and I’m looking forward to it.

Maisie-Williams-Game-of-Thrones-Season-7 You’ll have a rather difficult job this year, since Arya’s off on her own and she see’s lots of things no child her age should see.

Maisie Williams: I’m really excited to see how it changes things on television, because there’s nothing else like it, so it will be exciting to see what happens ten years down the line and if things do change and if there are more sort of fantasy things on television and if it becomes more popular. As Arya’s story changes it will achieve people to think this is very different… Kind of opens up a gateway…

Maisie Williams: Yeah, definitely. I think it started to bring in different things on television. How much could you tell me about Season 2? What scenes have you done or… is that completely off limits?

Maisie Williams: I’m not sure how much I could tell you, but I’m about a third of the way through filming now and I’ve done a couple of really good scenes, but um… Harrenhal scenes?

Maisie Williams: [smiling] No comment. Okay.

Maisie Williams: I’ve done a couple of scenes, and I think everyone’s gonna really enjoy what happens to Arya. It’s gonna be real good. It’s the little things that you guys don’t know about… a lot like Season 1, there’s gonna be little twists. I think it’s just good because you guys know the stories already and to change them up would be good. So yeah, just look out for that. I’ve seen you’ve shown a lot of dedication to the role – you’ve even cut your hair. You didn’t want to put on a wig?

Maisie Williams: Well, at the first season I was wearing a wig for the end scene, where they cut the hair, but when it came to the second season, they were like ‘would you like to cut your hair because it’s gonna take a long time putting the wig on every morning’, and it didn’t even look good in my opinion, so… My immediate reaction was ‘no way, no, I’m not gonna get my hair cut’, but after thinking about it, I thought people on the internet would say ‘ah, she’s too young, she won’t cut her hair, she won’t do it, it’s a lot to ask’, so I was like… mmm…

And I’m really glad everyone’s happy and with the whole left-handed thing as well, I wanted to stay true to the books and because I’ve never done swordfighting before it was quite easy to learn left-handed. I’m happy you guys like it, and I like how it’s a challenge, it’s not just… easy. How does being in a huge TV show like Game of Thrones affect your daily life? Do you get lots of mentions to Arya from your classmates or do your teachers give you less homework because of your mad sword skills?

Maisie Williams: I think it has changed my life, completely. At school, I think sometimes people are harder on me because all the teachers are, like, ‘ugh, you have to do all these things that you have to do and you have your homework as well’, so… But it’s really great, and all my friends are really suportive as well. I won’t change it but sometimes it does get a bit hard. Thank you very much for the interview. Keep up the good work.