game of thrones inside

Welcome to Game of Thrones Inside

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog about GoT!

Since season 7 is done, and I have nothing to do until next year, hopefully  it will come by the end of the year, I decided to do some writing on the topic. I love the show, and it is hard for me to accept that is not a part of my weekly routine anymore. So I will try to create a new routine – giving you valuable insight on the GoT lore, world, characters…

I plan to start with a short post about Game of Thrones locations, but then follow it with to extensive and detailed articles about The North and about The Westerlands. I might throw in a few quotes, images, memes, but I will mostly try to write in-depth articles.

That is what this page is all about – Inside the Game of Thrones.

So, stay tuned and let me know how you like my writing, or which topic you’d like me to cover.